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4 Music Marketing Trends for 2022 and Beyond

The use of the internet has increased significantly over the past decade. Since it’s becoming increasingly accessible, the number of people using the Internet on a daily basis are going to continue to rise at an exponential rate.

Artists have made smart use of the Internet, using it as a way to reach out to listeners unexpectedly, drive traffic to their social media platforms through smart marketing and branding strategies, and release their music with just a click of a button.

Music marketing is essential in helping artists get the fame they are looking for. Continue reading to learn more about the music marketing trends for 2022 and beyond.

1.     Instagram and TikTok Reels

User-generated content and short-form videos are becoming increasingly popular. Instagram and TikTok will be a huge trend in 2022 and are here to stay.

TikTok has been responsible for the rise of multiple chart-topping hits over the past few years. Through creative marketing efforts on channels, including TikTok, you can attract a new group of fans.

2.     Music NFTs

Music NFTs allow artists to generate instant income that’s controlled directly by a musician without any intermediaries.

Music NFTs are rapidly evolving in the industry and are offering more control to musicians. For instance, if you’re a producer, you can now directly sell beats to the buyers as music NFT. Because of their immutability, end-users can buy these beats on-chain and use seamlessly or hold them on profit for resale.

Music producers will earn a royalty on every resale. Some musicians, including Parker McCollum, Duran, Duran, Snoop Dogg, and Nirvana, have created NFTs.

3.     Livestreaming

Livestreams are an excellent way to market your music to those who cannot attend shows in person and gain new fans in the process. Musicians can now perform in the comfort of their homes, thanks to the increasing availability and use of audio interfaces along with other innovative music production equipment. They can broadcast their performances and shows live across multiple social media channels, enabling them to reach fans regardless of where they are.

4.     Evolution of Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to build a fan following. However, reaching out to your true fans is getting more difficult every day. Nevertheless, the rise in demand for new content means several chances to create a fanbase. That is, if you can focus on sharing the relevant content on the relevant platform, i.e., the one where you can find your audience.

It’s getting increasingly important, particularly for independent artists, to cultivate a group of dedicated fans on the social media channels they use. You need a steady engagement stream on social media as you’re highly dependent on this group to generate a steady income.

Last Few Words

The music industry has depended on revenue from live performances for way too long. Due to this, several artists are facing trouble reinventing their business model and earning money.

The music marketing trends highlighted in this blog were long on the way. However, now you don’t have a choice but to adapt swiftly if you wish to have a steady monthly income.