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Eric Dalius is an intense believer in the importance, versatility, and power of education in dramatically changing your life certainly for the better.

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Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius foundation has been focusing on boosting easy access to post-secondary education via grants and scholarships. EJ Dalius is a hardcore marketing professional who achieved his degree in Marketing with flying colors from the renowned Penn State University. Eric Dalius started his career in marketing predominantly via the ‘Network Marketing Business Model’ or the MLM despite his hectic and jam-packed schedules; Eric Dalius provided coaching to the new and already existing organizations seeking expansion in terms of their services and products via MLM distribution.

Moreover, EJ Dalius has been providing assistance and guidance to independent representatives who are about to start their MLM company. We know that Eric Dalius takes immense pride in being a resident of Miami so he loves to share his ideas, recommendations, and thoughts about his favorite hometown with his readers. As somebody with almost three decades of flawless marketing experience, Eric Dalius is well-aware of ways how targeted and competent marketing could influence potential buyers and help in selling a product.

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We know that college graduates could be earning $55,000 or more per annum while those who have completed just high school education could be earning only $23,500 per year. With higher education, people could dream of having a successful and lucrative career with greater earnings culminating in financial independence. Moreover, people with greater incomes could help in stimulating precisely the local economy simply by making huge purchases such as cars and homes

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The multi-talented marketing guru is still looking to break into new frontiers and lend his insights to deserving candidates.

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