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Answering common scholarship interview questions – Eric Dalius shares useful tips

Once you have applied for a scholarship, the awarding university, college or organization might welcome you to face an interview. Eric Dalius the responses you share to the scholarship interview questions will decide whether you are eligible for the award. Hence, it would help if you took time to prepare the answer that presents you and also relates to the scholarship. The scholarship committee will assess your responses and also decide whether you are eligible for the scholarship you are applying.

What are scholarship questions?

Simply put, the scholarship interview questions are usually open-ended questions that a person who represents the university or organization will ask the candidate. The objective is to learn more about the candidate. Depending on the answers, the interviewer will decide whether the candidate qualifies for the grant or award. The answer will determine whether the candidate’s goal aligns with their university’s or organization’s goal.

Eric J Dalius says that many organizations and schools interview the best scholarship applicants to decide the winner. Hence, it is essential to know how to prepare for the interview questions. It will help the candidate to feel more confident about the interview.

Ways to answer the scholarship interview questions

According to Eric Dalius, it is best to respond and answer the scholarship interview questions in a way that you are conversing with someone. Here are a few steps that will enable you to prepare well and stay calm during the interview.

1. Practice

Do you want to stay calm and comfortable during the interview process? If yes, you need to practice mock interviews with a family member or a friend. You should request feedback and plan for the best responses. Also, ensure that you practice good posture and have the best mannerisms while speaking. Don’t try to memorize any answers. Instead, it’s better to keep a few relevant points in mind and speak in a conversational tone.

2. Research well

You should visit the institution or program’s website to know about its recent announcements, mission, and background. It will help you to understand its goals and values better. If you get to know who will conduct the interview, you can check their professional profile and research them. You should also review the scholarship criteria and the scholarship essay. These are the few reasons for which you got the interview.

3. Stay composed and relaxed

If you stay calm and relaxed, you will find it easier to answer the questions. You can practice some the relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, before opting for the interview. As you walk-in, you should smile and shake the hand of the interviewer and be yourself. It will show that you are confident and deserve the scholarship.

4. Be concise and clear

It would help if you kept a couple of seconds to think about the responses before you start talking. Always try to respond as briefly as possible. You should maintain proper eye contact and speak clearly to the interviewer.

5. Make use of the STAR method

The STAR interview response process stands for Situation (a particular occurrence), Task (your part in the situation), Action (steps to resolve the situation), and Result. (the outcome of your response). Try and prepare all the answers depending on real-life instances so that it’s concise.

These are some of the best ways to face the scholarship interview questions and also answer them well.

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