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Rolling Stone Magazine now runs its own website.

Best Sites for Music News in 2022

Something new is always happening in the music world. Whether it’s artists releasing new music, announcing tours, or simply getting into Twitter fights with one another, it seems there’s never a dull moment. If you’re a music enthusiast, you might be wondering about the best way to keep up with these happenings. The answer is to visit music news sites.

In this guide we have compiled five of the most popular ones worth checking out.

1.     Pitchfork

Pitchfork has been around for close to three decades. The company was originally founded by a former record store employee who wanted to publish reviews for new albums online. The publication quickly gained notoriety for its bold and sometimes edgy music opinions. However, it seems to have mellowed out since being acquired by Condé Nast in 2015.

Pitchfork still publishes track and album reviews today. However, the publication has begun focusing more on artist news and organizing events.

2.     Complex

Complex is another popular music publication that has been around since the early 2000s. The company’s founder, Marc Ecko, intended to create a print magazine that would give readers the latest scoop in the pop music and hip-hop worlds.

The publication has remained true to its founding vision and has become one of the most popular music news sites on the internet. It was built on black culture and much of its content is geared towards hip-hop listeners. Consider checking out this website if you want to see what your favorite hip-hop artist is up to.

3.     Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone was originally founded as a music magazine all the way back in 1967. The magazine published music news, interviews with artists, and album reviews. They were also known for their famous album lists.

The company has since embraced the digital age and started its own website. They still publish physical magazines, but you can find much more content on the website. So be sure to pay the site a visit if you want the latest in music news.

4.     Noisey

The Vice media group has gained a reputation for publishing unique and “out there” content for its readers base. They launched “Noisey”, their music publication back in 2011 with low expectations. The site was originally intended to be a hub for discovering new artists and watching concert videos. However, they began dabbling in other things such as publishing breaking music news and conducting artist interviews.

Noisey has also launched its own Youtube channel with interesting videos that offer insight into different artists and musical genres.

5.     Vulture

Vulture is a culture and entertainment blog founded as part of New York Magazine. It publishes the latest news from the music and film worlds, but doesn’t really offer reviews like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone do. This website is great if you want quick updates from the entertainment world, but its content isn’t as in-depth as the other publications on our list.

Getting Music News from the Best Music News Sites

As you can see, there are plenty of great music news sites to get all your music news from. So consider paying them a visit and seeing what’s going on in the music industry.