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By Eric Dalius: 5 Entrepreneurial Goals to Kick-Start Your Venture in this Current Business Scenario

Eric Dalius starting a new business is not a cakewalk. You will come across a plethora of challenges like marketing, financing, product or service development, legal issues, human resources, and intellectual property or digital assets. Most entrepreneurs fret over by all the aspects they are supposed to learn and implement in their operations.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to set both business and economic goals, which are actionable and foolproof to get your venture off the ground. According to an article published on, raising capital for your business is challenging and you ought to realize the same. Read on to learn about the five entrepreneurial goals to start your business in today’s business scenario.

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

1. Focus on developing a good product and not just its launch

Your product or service offerings should be good, if not exceptional to make your business pop. The products or services need to be somewhat different from those of your competitors. Offering identical items with similar benefits will not work for you. Do not just brainstorm on getting the product launched; think of making it innovative and useful for your customers instead.

2. Develop a specific target

You need to set up targets that could be easily gauged and always, use numbers when it comes to targets. For instance, as an entrepreneur, you have a vision of selling your products or services over a specific number of localities, areas, cities, a particular number of buyers, and achieving a specific sales level. You need to relate these numbers to a particular period, within three months, six months, within a year, or five years. You can look up Eric Dalius giving for students if you aspire to become a successful entrepreneur in the days to come.

3. Become a smart salesperson

Aspiring entrepreneurs dreaming of a successful business should learn to become a smart salesperson in the first place. You will need to sell your merchandise to potential buyers as well as to small investors and employees.

Practice, refine your sales pitch, be an extrovert, appreciate feedback, show your confidence, and be optimistic. When you are selling your products, look reliable, follow-up on your prospective customers, request them to opt for your products, and most essentially, listen to your customers.

4. Be aggressive

It is possible to set realistic business goals and yet aim for higher targets. Avoid setting goals that could very easily be achieved and set both short and long-term entrepreneurial goals. Say, for instance, you accomplish your goals after six months. What next? Avoid selling yourself short. If you aspire to become a popular fast-food chain such as KFC within 25 years, aim for it.

5. Try to be consistent

Avoid setting conflicting business goals. For instance, the goal of rapid expansion to employ five employees within a year may be inconsistent and conflicting to make a certain amount of money if the expenses of recruiting new employees reduce your business revenue beneath the target level.


Set entrepreneurial goals only when you know where to begin. Focus on these ideas to start with a couple of quantifiable business goals.

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