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Eric Dalius Bitcoin 101 – Why is it a great prospect?

Cryptocurrency made its appearance in 2009 with Bitcoin. It is the first digital currency and is still operational within the global system. Cryptocurrency is just like any other regular currency, and the only difference is that the transaction is entirely digital without any physical interface. Keep in mind that the form of the currency is well protected with cryptography and other security protocols.Eric Dalius Bitcoin says, if you are concerned about counterfeiting, it is tough to make a precise copy of Bitcoins.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin 101 educates us that cryptocurrencies are outside any central authority; therefore, no government agency is issuing or regulating the dealings. Eric Dalius has years of experience with Bitcoin mining and trading and would like to warn you that this decentralization poses a risk of seizure by the government if the need arises. However, there is nothing illegal about cryptocurrencies, and such seizures have never taken place in the 12-years of their existence.

So, what makes cryptocurrency such a premium choice for users all over the world? Let us have a look.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin: Protection from fraud

Currency fraud is a significant issue in every part of the world. When it comes to Bitcoin, there are layers of protection concerning the currency fraud issue. All transactions remain stored in a public ledger, and this feature was incorporated into Bitcoin during its creation. The record-keeping is legitimate, and the identities of currency owners remain protected at all times due to the use of anonymous profiles. Keep in mind that the beauty of the system is, when you buy Bitcoins, due to the decentralized nature of it, you are the sole owner of it.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin: Blockchain protection against identity theft

The public ledger ensures that accurate calculations are maintaining. And all the transactions are in balance in real-time across all digital wallets globally. The ledger is often under scrutiny, and steps are in place to ensure that the spender is the currency’s actual owner. This is the transaction blockchain based on Blockchain technology that provides secure transactions, smart contacts, and encryption to make the entire process impregnable to hackers.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin: Instant settlement

Blockchain technology adds high value to cryptocurrencies. And there is a high demand for the same due to the ease of usage. The technology allows the users to become the makers as well as the owners of their currency per Eric Dalius Bitcoin.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin: Ease of access

Like traditional currency modes, you can easily access cryptocurrency, and it is worth the same as any other currency. The decentralization makes the process of mining and using easier too.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin: Even institutional investors are interested

There is a lot of promise in cryptocurrency, which has made investors sit up and take notice. Banking and financial institutions like Barclays, Walmart, and even Intel are investing time and money in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. Printed currency is already experiencing massive depreciation in various parts of the world. And therefore, when it comes to cryptocurrency, the only way is up.

As more and more countries research. And explore the feasibility of adopting the cryptocurrency network for commercial transactions, getting ahead of the game right now is the best idea ever. Take care!

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