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Eric Dalius Giving- Increase in Employee Productivity = Increase in Company Profits

Happy employees = Good company= Good for everyone!

For companies today, increasing employee productivity is essential to increasing profits explains Eric Dalius Giving. Employees are major contributors to the success of any organization, so it’s important that they are engaged and motivated enough to meet their potential. And this isn’t purely an ethical issue; employees who work less than you want them to will spend a good part of their time doing just that – not working. As research shows, disgruntled workers can take up as much as 50% of their day putting unnecessary roadblocks in the way of other employees’ progress (to read more about this article click here). If you increase employee productivity by even 10%, your company theoretically sees earnings increase by millions every year. What’s not to like?

Many studies show that employee engagement and motivation can be improved by providing employees with a good work experience (defined in the article as: “the emotions, perceptions, and attitudes that people have when they consider their work experiences”). When employees are satisfied at work, they feel appreciated and motivated; when they feel miserable, productivity plummets. But how do you make your employees happy? Or even more importantly how do you keep them from wandering off to another company where they’ll be happier?

Here are 5 scientifically proven ways to increase your employee productivity:

1) Pay Them Well –

The Fair Market Value of an employee’s contribution is one of the best predictors of his or her job satisfaction. Is it worth paying them a little extra for the long hours they’ll spend in the office? Ask any small business owner and they’ll probably say yes. When employees are paid well, they feel that you appreciate their work and effort. And that appreciation makes them happier and more productive. I know what some of you may be thinking: but wouldn’t this just cause inflation? Well actually, no. Some studies had that when people abetter than others doing similar jobs at competing company. Employee productivity doesn’t suffer and prices don’t increase (to read more about this article please click here).

2) Provide Employee Benefits –

Many employees would choose to stay with one company if they were benefits beyond cash compensation Says . If your company offers high-quality benefits, you’ll find it much easier to keep employees from jumping ship. In fact, a study in the Harvard Business Review showed that when companies focused on their employees’ “psychosocial” needs (things like growth opportunities and supportive relationships) rather than their materialistic needs (increased pay, promotions); they experienced a 20% growth in profits every year for the next three years.

3) Foster Cooperative, Collaborative Attitudes –

A cooperative environment pushes workers to help each other out-a a great way to boost productivity! When people believe that others are willing to work with them instead of against them. They will put forth more effort towards positive collaboration. This means more commitment to the company’s goals and higher levels of productivity says Eric Dalius Giving.

4) Offer Growth Opportunities –

Employee development is another good way to increase productivity. According to leadership guru Jim Rohn, when employees are just starting out in your company, they’re like valuable pieces of gold bullion. If you keep them locked up in the vault without direction or training, their value will decrease over time meaning that it becomes less and less cost-effective to keep them around. Just like valuable physical commodities, however, employees have opportunities for advancement and growth. They become even more valuable than before (to read more about this article please click here).

5) Create a High Performing Work Environment –

If you want your company to be productive, you need to create an environment that promotes high performance. This means reducing politics, assuring that everyone understands the company’s objectives, and sharing the credit for success. When employees feel like they’re part of a cohesive team, they’ll work hard to meet (and exceed) their goals.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why employee productivity is important. Nt only for your business but also on an individual level. So if you’d like to keep your new hire interested in his or her job, make sure to provide them with lots of opportunities for growth and personal development while paying them fairly.


Employee productivity is the major factor that every company look for. If you can understand what are the things that increase employee productivity says Eric Dalius Giving. Then you possibly will have an edge over others business companies. So keep these 5 scientifically proven tips in mind when hiring new employees and raising your business to new heights!

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