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Eric Dalius Giving

Last Updated – 29th-May-2021

 Winner of Grant – Ahvianna Elysse – Boston College 

Last Updated – 22nd-July-2020

Eric Dalius is a marketing pioneer who extends generous support to post-secondary students of entrepreneurship and marketing through the Eric J. Dalius Foundation that came up in 2018 to help the underprivileged and deprived but academically brilliant students. Eric Dalius is one of the most recognizable names for those in the know about the marketing industry.

EJ Dalius is a marketing and real-estate expert based primarily out of Miami, FL. He majored in marketing, graduating with highest honors from Penn State in 1992, following which he kicked off his truly prolific career. An expert network marketer, Eric J. Dalius has made over $10 million in deals over his landmark career. Within just two years at MCI Telecom, he was adjudged the best sales rep all over the country, and his career graph has only gone higher since then. Eric Dalius is known for his wide knowledge that is not limited to just his domain and combined with a never say die work ethic and an unrelenting spirit, it has pushed him to the highest of highs, such that he is regarded as one of the premier marketing moguls of all time.

Eric Dalius Giving 2021

The Eric Dalius Giving is aimed at supporting talented and motivated scholars so that they could obtain skills and sound knowledge required for sustainable development and success as an entrepreneur. Eric J. Dalius foundation would be choosing the most deserving candidate every semester and he would be awarded a prize-money of $1,000 so that he could use that money towards payment of his course fees or meeting some other educational expenses.

Eric Dalius Giving: How to Apply for Financial Support?

Financial support would be provided exclusively to students who are specializing in entrepreneurship or marketing at a university or college in the U.S.A. For putting in an application, a student must compose an original and compact essay within around 800 words explaining his professional goals and how he thinks he could contribute to the current business scenario.

Applicants must complete filling in all the details required on the available online application form. It must be submitted along with a copy of the original proof of enrollment in their present post-secondary institution. Only those candidates would be considered for the Eric Dalius Giving that submit the application along with the essay prior to the start of an academic semester via email at The accepted candidate would be contacted via email. The transfer of assets would take place automatically to the chosen candidate’s legitimate account.

Essay Topic: “Your Goals as an Entrepreneur & How Could You Contribute To the Current Business Scenario”

Giving Deadline 1: 15th August 2020

Giving Winner   1: 30th August 2020

Giving Amount  1: USD1000/-

Giving Deadline 2: 1st April 2021

Giving Winner   2: 15th April 2021

Giving Amount   2: USD1000/-

How to Apply

All submissions must be sent via emails as basically a Word Document to

Kindly furnish all the necessary details and submit them with your original essay.

• Complete Name

• Phone Number

• Mailing Address

• Email Address

• Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)

• The accredited or recognized college or university you are currently enrolled at.

• Your existing GPA

The Eric Dalius Giving has been specifically designed as a great opportunity for a deserving candidate to attain his goals and aspirations to become an efficient and successful entrepreneur. The lucky person who has been shortlisted for the prize-money would be intimated via email. The candidate must acknowledge receipt of the official email. The chosen candidate for the Eric Dalius Giving would be announced at