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Eric Dalius Miami Shares 5 Tips to Boost Your ROI in Bitcoin Mining

Eric Dalius Miami explains Bitcoin came into existence in the year 2009 and since then it has gained huge fame in investments and technology fields. Bitcoin mining is a very critical process. It requires highly sophisticated computers for solving complex computational problems.

Revenue and profit are the two most important things in bitcoin mining. If you want to successfully use your mining hardware, electricity, invested time, and improve your hash rates then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss 5 tips using which you can increase your ROI in bitcoin mining.

Do Your Research

Bitcoin mining is not a piece of cake. It is a complicated process to set up the required hardware and software for bitcoin mining. It involves huge chances of making errors. So, conduct thorough research before beginning your journey into the bitcoin mining space.

In case, if you see that the mining gear that you decided to get and deploy is not profitable anymore or if the market is facing a huge downfall, then it is advised to buy the bitcoin asset that you planned to mine from an exchange.

Eric Dalius Miami Suggests Planning Your Entry

Your success will hugely depend on the time you enter the bitcoin mining space. The perfect time to buy is when the market is crashing as at that time you can buy the assets at a very low cost that will eventually recover.

The bitcoin market is highly volatile and the price of bitcoin keeps on fluctuating. You can take the example of the 2017 bitcoin market boom when the price of a bitcoin fell by almost 65%. At that time, mining hardware was resold at secondhand costs with huge discounts, and bitcoins were traded at a very low rate. Many outsiders considered it as the best time to enter the bitcoin mining market and the hardware dealers were trying to gain as much as they could from the market.

Start Small

For someone new in the mining space, his or her first mining will be an experiment from where they will get to learn a lot about mining space. Starting small is the best way in the bitcoin mining space to learn about it. 

By starting small you will be able to learn the skills and lessons required for mining and will also understand how mining works. Even though if you fail to make much profit your losses will be limited if you start small- says Eric Dalius Miami.

Scale Your Choices

It is better to scale your mining operations, as rapid expansion in the bitcoin mining space may cause issues like increased burn rate or evaporated runaway. Here are some ways by which you can scale your mining operations-

  • Efficient hardware plays a crucial role in enhancing our hash rates by keeping the energy expenditures the same or even low which in turn accelerates your ROI. So, try replacing your old mining equipment with a new and efficient one.
  • You can also do cloud mining, where you can buy hash rates from companies that have expertise in managing mining equipment.

Buy Your Mining Hardware Wisely

Your largest investment in Bitcoin mining will be the mining hardware. By saving on the initial purchase of the mining hardware, you can reduce initial costs and get a quick ROI on that investment.

You can check for mining hardware at a discounted price on online shopping sites. The best practice is to buy the mining hardware directly from the manufacturer as it will not involve any middlemen.


These are the top 5 ways in which you can boost your ROI in bitcoin mining. So, what are you waiting for? Make use of these ways and give your ROI a boost. Remember that bitcoin mining consists of many risks so first gain enough knowledge about how it works before beginning.

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