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Eric Dalius shares some of the scholarship application mistakes

A scholarship provides financial aid to a candidate! Today, several students are in a rush to apply for different scholarships. However, the rush makes them commit some errors. Eric Dalius talks about some of the mistakes that you should avoid while applying for a scholarship.

1. Not answering the essay question

It is one of the most common mistakes that candidates make, restricting their chances of success. You must address the scholarship essay question. If you are applying for many scholarships, you might want to use the same essay every time. However, the committee evaluating the scholarship essay will check for submission that caters to the question set. Hence, it’s a good idea to create a new set for every scholarship application.

2. Missing the deadline

Several candidates end up missing the scholarship deadline! Significantly reduces the scope of success. It is challenging to make all the applications on time. It is more so because different scholarships have different deadlines. The ideal way to go about it is to start researching significant scholarships in advance of the intended study date. After that, you can set up a routine to manage the workload and ensure you submit within the deadline.

3. Mistakes in the scholarship application

Many candidates think that an odd typo might not matter! However, such small errors often make a huge difference. The people reading your scholarship application will get influenced by mistakes such as grammatical or spelling mistakes, missing words, punctuation, or even small mistakes with the font size. Eric J Dalius says that you need to run through your application by someone in the family who has an eye for detail and also allowing him or her to proofread your document. It will help you to submit an error-free application.

4. Not grabbing the reader’s attention

You might have answered the scholarship question correctly and also ensured that there is no error, but there’s still another challenge you have! It is the number of applications that every committee receives. And here, you need to stand out from the crowd to grab the committee’s attention. You must keep the reader engaged. You need to start your application with a compelling statement and that your application is lively throughout. Make sure that you keep the paragraphs cohesive and short. It would be best to make it memorable by adding good examples, quotes, and also relevant details.

5. Opting in for scholarships that are not for you

Today, you will come across several scholarships around the world with their eligibility details! Screening through all these options to find the relevant ones is a challenging task. At times students send in applications without checking the eligibility details. If you are applying for a scholarship for which you aren’t eligible, chances are you won’t get successful if you have submitted the best application essay. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you don’t waste time applying for the wrong scholarships. Make sure to scan through the details and apply for the ones that match your eligibility.

These are some of the crucial mistakes you need to avert when you are applying for a scholarship, and also you can make fair use of your time and resources.

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