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Eric J Dalius Enlightens Us about Some Factors that Make Florida the Hub of Real Estate Investment

Eric J Dalius Florida has always been regarded as one of the most powerful commercials. Markets for real estate with consistent and robust returns. Florida’s real estate scenario is safe in terms of both domestic and also global investors. We know that US News recently ranked Florida as #2 for its financial stability and also for its steady economy; it has been ranked #9. We understand that South Florida is known as a superlative market for commercials. The continuous influx of tourists. From all over the globe and, and existing tax-friendly laws.

Tourism Industry is Booming

Eric J Dalius tourism is the backbone of the economy of Florida. Moreover, it is one of the hottest favorite holiday destinations globally. In 2016 and 2017, Florida registered record tourist figures. Chose Florida as their holiday destination which was 7.4 percent. More as compared to almost the same period of the year in 2017. A thriving tourism industry could prove to be a compelling reason. Why there is a great demand for real estate in the state. Eric Dalius believes that people are more than willing to invest. In real estate in Florida because holiday rentals would be offering amazing potential for positive ROI especially. In vacation hotspots on the spectacular Florida coastline or Orlando.

Excellent Choice of Property

Eric J Dalius there is a high demand for property. In Florida simply because it offers an amazing choice of property. Florida provides a broad spectrum of homes right from luxury villas. In splendid beachfront locations to condos in plush resort developments. The most in-demand are single-family homes. A house custom-tailored to meet their unique requirements.

EJ Dalius Identifies Business & Population Growth in South Florida as a Major Factor

Eric J Dalius South Florida has been maintaining a steady population growth from the early 1900s as per It has been experiencing a 2 percent average growth every year since 2010. Even though the population growth has got retarded slightly during the last couple of years, projections are very much upbeat. As per experts, Florida’s population would be gaining approximately 6 million residents. By the next 10 years or so amounting to more than 26 million Florida residents by the year 2030. Moreover, Miami is 8th and enjoys a high ranking, as far as; business growth is concerned since 2010 with an average boost of 2 percent every year. Miami enjoys the 18th position in terms of wage growth. Both wage and business growth measurements have outperformed and overtaken. The national average is between 0.7 percent and 1.9 percent.

As per marketing guru Eric J Dalius, rising incomes and growing population are known. To complement each other and are a great mix of economic stimulation. These two factors would be integrating together for creating a robust base. For consistent growth in the retail market in Florida.

An Impressive Rental Market

Eric J Dalius even though Florida is known for offering high. Affordable prices for real estate investments. The same does not hold good for homebuyers. Thanks to strict mortgage rules and also regulations and also even a shortage of savings. Numerous first-time buyers simply fail to enter the real estate investment market. Moreover, the powerful trend towards relocating to regions with great job markets. Makes Florida a great hub for investing in long-term rental properties.


Florida boasts of a favorable climate all year round, a robust economy, and miles of mesmerizing beaches. No doubt, Florida has the right appeal and ambiance to be the hub for real estate investors. 

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