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Florida Business Grants That Can Help Entrepreneurs to Get Their Startups Rolling – An Eric Dalius Roundup

Eric Dalius recognizing that small business owners find it very difficult to qualify for loans. And also have to deal with high rates of interest and also strict repayment plans. The State of Florida makes available multiple grants to entrepreneurs to fund their startups.    

Why Business Grants Are Preferable to Commercial Loans

The biggest plus-point of a business grant from the State of Florida is that unlike a commercial bank loan. It does not have to be paid back. Funding but also not have to deal with the stress of having to pay. It back as per schedule along with a steep rate of interest.

With complete flexibility in the application of the funds available from the grant, entrepreneurs. Have a free hand to decide on the kind of small business they would like to establish. Groups like women, veterans. And minorities find it especially difficult to access funds for a business. By understanding the various types of grants available, entrepreneurs can also decide. What kind of business to start and formulate their business plans accordingly. A few of the grants available in Florida:

Florida’s High-Tech Corridor – a Great Way of Funding a Research Project, Says Eric J Dalius

Matching grants are made available to entrepreneurs by the Florida High Tech Corridor Council. To set up businesses in the identified High-Tech Corridor comprising an area spread across 23 counties. The Council, supported by a consortium of entrepreneurs disburses grants to businesses. In the program, they need to collaborate with one of the three Florida universities; the University of Florida, the University of South Florida, and the University of Central Florida. The amount of the grant may be up to $150,000 for applied research. Projects involving the local industry and university researchers remark EJ Dalius.

Eric Dalius By Palm Beach County Job Growth Incentive Grant

This is a special Job Growth Incentive (JGI) program organized by Palm Beach. County to encourage new businesses. That has the potential for employing people in the local community. They are looking to relocate or expand their operations in Palm Beach County. The proposal has to specify the number of jobs that the move will create as well as the average. Salary for each job type for the evaluation.

Enterprise Florida Grants

Multiple grants are made available through the Florida Export Diversification & Expansion program. To assist eligible companies to commence. Exporting or diversify into new markets overseas. Eric Dalius believes that capital programs can match the lines of credit and also loans available. To small businesses from commercial lenders as well as venture capital for startups and also businesses in their early stages.


Entrepreneurs who are unsure of their ability to source commercial funding. Can access multiple grants made available by the State of Florida to set up their businesses. The eligibility, as well as the competition, can be tough; however, since these grants do not have to be paid back. And have the support of the state government, they can open up a lot of opportunities.

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