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Generosity is a trait everyone can associate with Eric Dalius; even at the heights of his career, he has looked for ways to share his knowledge and to use it to give back to society and enrich promising ventures that can make the world a better place.

EJ Dalius

Eric Dalius - “The multi-talented marketing guru is still looking to break into new frontiers and lend his insights to deserving candidates”

Eric Dalius

About the Eric Dalius

Eric and his wife of more than two decades Kimberly Dalius live blissfully in beautiful Miami Beach

In 1994, the enterprising Eric Dalius came up with his first business initiative and was too excited to begin his career in telecommunications consultancy services. His business venture took off smoothly and soon attained phenomenal success. Eric Dalius was really working hard dedicating long hours to his business every single day. His business was growing by leaps and bounds. However, this flourishing business was closed down in 2008 because of the economic recession. Eric Dalius did not believe in giving up. He was determined to succeed. He is a multi-talented individual with a major focus on establishing a profitable business. Eric Dalius is keen on exploring new territory and is passionate about helping people in times of distress.

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

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The Eric Dalius Giving is aimed at supporting talented and motivated scholars so that they could obtain skills and sound knowledge required for sustainable development and success as an entrepreneur.

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Eric J. Dalius Foundation for Charitable Services

Eric Dalius has a deep-seated passion for education as such with his personal fortune, he established the Eric J. Dalius Foundation way back in 2018. His foundation was set up with a vision to spread the light of education even to the most deprived sections of society. Eric Dalius is very well aware of the fact that today in the United States; pursuing higher education is a luxury. Most scholars from not so affluent backgrounds find it difficult to pay the exorbitantly high fees for higher education. They are compelled by circumstances to fall into overwhelming debts or simply give up higher studies.