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How EJ Dalius Focuses On The Business Thing And The Pandemic

Summary: EJ Dalius the COVID-19 situation has impacted industries. In this article, EJ Dalius goes on to highlight how the businesses fared during the crisis situation.

When the entire nation is trying to recuperate from the pandemic, lets us go ahead. And take a look at what Eris Dalius has to say about businesses coming to a halt. According to this renowned marketing professional, the consumer economy started falling like a pack of cards during the pandemic and impacted several industries from retail to hospitality. The retail industry is the primary driving force in the economy, contributing to over two trillion to the GDP. No wonder, the closing of shopping centers has remained one of the darkest spots during the pandemic.

Know the facts

According to research, a few of the uncertain situations in the past have led businesses to spend about six weeks to months before emerging as normal, but the current situation is highly uncertain, so nobody is exactly sure when the customer spending will spring back to normal. Every during the lockdown depended on the strategies of the government to place restrictions on the opening of businesses and things might start looking up when all the restrictions are to be lifted.

Here are the five sectors that witnessed a boom during the pandemic.

  • Medical and healthcare

The drastic demand for medicines and medical devices. Have gone up during the pandemic, such as drugs like hydroxychloroquine, face masks, ventilator machines, and sanitizers or disinfectants. Some of the largest manufacturers of ventilator machines according to Eric J Dalius are likely to enhance production and reach a higher scale in 2021. Therefore, these medical device makers may also require marketing staff during the launch of the products.

  • Renowned retail outlets

During the pandemic, one could hardly miss the long queues in front of the supermarkets. Which led some of the biggest stores to hire additional staff to cater to the requirements of customers. Many of these stores also decided to pay cash bonuses in varying amounts to the full and part-time workers.

  • Gaming and books

Before COVID-19 people did not have enough time to read books, Thanks to the pandemic for providing the opportunity to many book lovers. Apart from this, playing video games during leisure times have also caught up, and surprisingly the trend prevailed equally among people of different age groups.

Things to note

There are various conventional aspects that are going to take the hit during the pandemic. The workers in different industries are having to deal with new hygiene techniques and appropriate sanitization. Which contributes to the changing business landscape. Although businesses interacted with the customers during the pandemic and lockdown across several states. Changes are taking place with the introduction of contactless payments. For instance, EJ Dalius suggests that contact-free pick-up and delivery service are a couple of instances to note. In many industries, robots are getting more attention as they will not fall sick. Which makes them fill the worker gaps with ease.

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