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Eric Dalius

How to apply Eric J Dalius Giving

Applying for grants is not at all difficult but receiving it by beating the competition can be quite challenging. As the number of applicants is always much higher than the funds allocated for grants. This is true for all kinds of educational grants for students, including the offerings of Eric J Dalius Giving, a foundation created by the eponymous entrepreneur. He has tasted enormous success during his long career as a marketer and entrepreneur.  Excellence has always attracted Eric, who would never settle for anything ordinary, a trait that he still demonstrates. His pursuit for excellence is visible in the philosophy of the foundation he has created. Which supports only needy and deserving students who have the characteristics and qualities of entrepreneurship infused in them.

A college education makes a huge difference

Despite the high costs of college education in the US, students are keen to pursue it because the educational qualification can have a considerable impact on their career and future lives. Not having a Bachelor’s Degree can be highly disappointing for deserving students who can make it with financial support. Realizing the need to support deserving but underprivileged students, Eric’s way of giving can become a game-changer for many students. College graduates can earn as much as $55,000 every year on average compared to $23,500 for students who have just completed high school.

Sponsoring budding entrepreneurs

Eric J Dalius has well understood the expanded role of entrepreneurs in creating wealth through innovations. Which he has successfully demonstrated during his career.  To fulfill his philanthropic goals, Eric has set the vision of his foundation. To identify students who are talented to become successful entrepreneurs and marketers by using their creative ideas. The program of giving aims to create a massive resource of entrepreneurs who can make the nation more prosperous. The scheme of giving supports talented and motivated scholars with opportunities. To refine and sharpen their skills and knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs someday.

Eric J Dalius Availing the program of giving

Since the purpose of the program of giving is to spot entrepreneurial talent early, it begins at the college level. The foundation is keen to choose the most deserving candidate who shows the sparks of becoming a successful entrepreneur. And needs financial support to carry on with their education. The support is available exclusively for students who are specializing in marketing or entrepreneurship. At any accredited USA college or university.

The process of submitting applications is online. Besides filling in all details in the application form, candidates must enclose an essay of at least 800 words to explain their professional goals. And how they intend to contribute to the current business scenario. The essay, which must be original and unique, is the most important consideration and the GPA to determine the candidate’s suitability.

Every semester, the foundation will select the most deserving candidate and award a grant for $1000 that should help meet some of the education costs. All submissions must be completed before starting the semester and sent to