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How to prepare for a scholarship earlier in life? Eric J Dalius shares guidelines

Most candidates and their parents think that they aren’t required to worry about a scholarship till they are in the senior year. However, if you don’t take action now, you might miss out on a scholarship in the future. It might make it challenging for the candidate to secure ample funds to complete college debt-free. According to Eric J Dalius, today, younger students can work their way to earn a scholarship. The following guidelines can help.

1. Start the scholarship discussions now

At times, it can get challenging for students to concentrate on activities that will help them get a scholarship. If your conversations about a scholarship start with an “if” instead of a “when,” the objective might seem unattainable. Instead of talking about scholarship and college goals like it might not take place, shift the language to a more affirmative version. It will make your goal seem real and help you get engrossed in the planning, and ensure your success.

2. Concentrate on good grades

If a student works towards keeping grades high, it will be helpful for their scholarship. Not every scholarship gets based on academic performance. However, most scholarship does consider good academic performance as a necessary decision-making process.

That doesn’t mean that a candidate should have a 4.0 GPA all his or her life. However, according to Eric J Dalius, aiming for the A’s and B’s is a good move. It saves them from the struggle of acquiring the perfect GPA.

3. Choose a hobby

The majority of the scholarship communities want to see that a candidate has been interested in things outside the work or school. It is essential to have a hobby, such as hiking, painting, scrapbooking, or anything engaging to the candidate. It will also make a child more competitive for a scholarship application. They don’t require ample time on it. However, it is essential to answer what they do outside the school with something interesting.

4. A part-time job

The scholarship communities prefer to see work experience on a candidate’s application form. A part-time job can include several positions, such as helping in your family business, babysitting, work at a fast-food restaurant or a local retail store. Any part-time job would fetch the candidate some money. It will go on to show that the candidate is disciplined and responsible. These are a few qualities that the committees like.

5. Get involved

Community service and volunteering can be meaningful experiences for a candidate. It helps the student to learn to help others and adding more to society. However, the advantages don’t just end here. Several scholarship committees want to know about the community involvement and the volunteering hours. And for some committees, it acts as a deciding factor as to who gets the scholarship award. The earlier a student gets into volunteering activity, the easier it becomes to adhere to a few of the qualities that the scholarship committees look forward to from candidates. 

These are some of the easy ways a candidate can start to prepare for a scholarship early in life. It would help them to stay more focused and driven towards winning a scholarship.

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