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MuzicSwipe: A Music Promotion App Revolution by Eric Dalius

Gone are the days when you had to buy a cassette or CD to listen to your favorite songs. Today, you can access music from any artist around the globe with a touch of a finger from your mobile phone. We live in a technology-driven world where everything has been revolutionized beyond what we could have imagined. Thanks to music apps, you can listen to your favorite songs from any artist anytime, anywhere!

As much as technology has made it easy for music lovers to explore different genres and listen to lesser-known hidden gems of the music industry, it has also provided up-and-coming music artists more opportunities to make the world listen to their art.

Aspiring artists have more ways to reach listeners than ever before. With platforms like MuzicSwipe, musicians can build a more genuine audience and have their voices reach every corner of the world without worrying about finances (music production and marketing).

MuzicSwipe is a music promotion app by Eric Dalius that has revolutionized how musicians promote their music. It’s an out-of-the-box music application that’s a haven for musicians and music lovers!

Challenges that Up-and-Coming Music Artists Have to Face

There was a time when aspiring musicians had little opportunity to promote their music, especially when they didn’t have a fancy music promotion budget. But thanks to technology and social media, promoting music is something everyone can easily do today. But that doesn’t mean new musicians don’t have to face any challenges today.


Since music promotion has become so easy (and cheap), an increasing number of artists are stepping into the music industry. This presents massive competition for up-and-coming music artists. They’ve got to work a lot harder to stand out among the many new musicians using the internet to spread their voice around the world.

Racial Biases

Another major challenge (and often less talked about) that new musicians face is racial biases. According to BBC, 6 out of 10 black music creators experience racism. 86% of black music creators face more hurdles in their journey than white individuals simply because they’re black. Not only this, black musicians earn less too. If you’re a new musician and are black, your journey will be a lot harder.

Building a Genuine Listening Audience

Social media promotions surely get music content an excellent reach, but social media promotions don’t guarantee a genuine listening audience. This is another challenge new music artists have to face. Building a genuine audience is extremely challenging. You may be reaching millions of listeners, but that may not reflect in the number of your followers. This means that not everyone you’re reaching likes your work, and hence, people aren’t following you to stay updated about new content from you.

How MuzicSwipe is Revolutionizing Music Promotion?

MuzicSwipe is like a ray of hope for all aspiring music artists who are struggling with any challenges in their music journey. Whether you’re trying to reach the right audience or break the ‘race’ barriers, MuzicSwipe will help you in your journey.

MuzicSwipe is a music discovery platform designed to help artists build genuine and authentic relationships with their fans and maximize new music discovery for music lovers. It’s a free platform where artists can share their music content with a music-loving audience. For the listeners, MuzicSwipe opens an entire world of music where every music preference is entertained and satisfied.

The Swipe Feature in a Music App Like Never Before

You may assume that MuzicSwipe is like any other music app out there where music artists upload their content, and listeners listen to it, like it, and save it on their playlists. Well, MuzicSwipe isn’t anything as you think.

MuzicSwipe is one of the most user-friendly music apps available today. With the immense popularity and success of the ‘swipe’ feature on dating apps like Tinder, the developers of MuzicSwipe introduced the same feature in this music app to get the listeners the ‘perfect music matches!’

Music content is displayed as 15-second clips that the listeners can listen to. If the listener likes the clip, they can swipe right; if the clip doesn’t ring the right strings, the listener can swipe left. Now, when the listener swipes right, it gives the app an indication that the listener liked it, and the algorithm then uses this information to suggest to the listener more music of the same nature.

If a listener swipes right to the clips of the same artist thrice, the listener gets access to the complete profile of the music artist, where they can listen to full-length songs and other music content from that creator!

Your swipes tell the app your music interests, and the app will suggest more music you’ll like.

How Does the Swipe Feature Benefit the Music Content Creators?

From what we explained above, you may assume that the swipe feature of MuzicSwipe only benefits music listeners, but that’s not true. The swipe feature has been incorporated to help both music listeners and creators. It’s the swipe feature of MuzicSwipe that makes music promotion for music creators so effortless. Let’s see how:

MuzicSwipe addresses one of the biggest challenges that new music artists experience in their music journey – biasness. Every music artist can upload ten 15-second clips and tag them with relevant genre tags so that when a listener searches for a specific genre, their clip comes in their suggestions.

Now, the clips that are displayed for the listeners are anonymous. This means that the listener doesn’t know who the singer is. Their decision to swipe right or left will be based solely on the music content. They won’t know if the music creator behind the clip is white or black, American or Asian, or young or old. It’ll be just the music that’ll make the listener swipe right or left.

This way, music creators from races that often don’t get appreciation or praise because of their race get unbiased feedback from the listeners. If a listener swipes to their clips thrice, the listener gets access to the creator’s complete official profile with all their original music content.

The New Era of Music Promotion

MuzicSwipe has set the pace for a new era of music promotion. This music app by Eric Dalius has opened doors for music artists like never before. Although the technology-driven world offers tremendous opportunities for music artists to create and promote their content to the world, MuzicSwipe has taken the entire ordeal of music promotions up by a notch. When we say MuzicSwipe has revolutionized music promotion, we’ve got a good number of reasons for it.

For Artists of All Levels and All Genres

MuzicSwipe works directly with artists regardless of their level. Everyone can promote their content on MuzicSwipe for free, from beginner-level to seasoned artists. Not only that, it has got room for all genres. No matter your genre, you can share your content with music lovers and get recognized and appreciated for your work. MuzicSwipe doesn’t limit you based on your level, popularity, race, or genre.

Exclusive and Original Content

Your music content doesn’t have to be available on any mainstream music platforms for it to be eligible to be featured on MuzicSwipe. MuzicSwipe allows aspiring music artists to share original content with listeners. Even if you’re just taking your first steps as a music creator and haven’t published your content anywhere on the web, you can start building an audience on MuzicSwipe.

Helps Artists Build a Genuinely Interested Audience

Listeners don’t know the artist behind the clip they’re listening to. They swipe right or left based on the content entirely. If a listener swipes right, they do so because they genuinely like the music. If the listener swipes right on clips of the same artist three times, it shows that the listener genuinely likes the content from a particular artist, and that’s when the listener gets access to the content creator’s full profile.

This means that every listener who gets access to a music artist’s profile has swiped right to their clips thrice, and they genuinely like the content. So, all the followers (or listeners) on an artist’s profile are those who genuinely like the artist’s content. The music artist would know how many people are actually interested in their content, and this helps them create future content.

Real-Time Response from Real Listeners

If the artist isn’t receiving many right swipes, they would know they need to change their content. They can experiment with music till they start getting more right swipes. The number of right swipes an artist receives will give them a real-time response from real listeners. The response every artist receives on MuzicSwipe is authentic and solely based on the music content, as there’s no other factor to influence a listener’s decision to swipe right or left.

Free of Cost

Marketing and promotion expenses are often a hurdle for most aspiring artists. Many great music artists fail to make a place for themselves in the industry because of their lack of finances. But MuzicSwipe changes the game for new music artists. MuzicSwipe is free for everyone. All the music creators have to do is set up their profiles and upload clips with the right genre tags, and that’s it. People who really like your content will swipe right to your content, and you’ll build a pool of genuine listeners without having to spend any money!

Bridging the Gap between Music Artists and Listeners

The best thing about MuzicSwipe is its ‘music for all’ ideology. The platform ensures that music lovers get to know music artists for what they are and not for what they get labeled for. A harsh truth of society is that people won’t even listen to a song if they know it’s from an artist belonging to a race that they aren’t too supportive of.

With the anonymous clip feature of MuzicSwipe, this issue is smartly overcome. Listeners won’t know who’s behind the music piece they like so much. It would only be after they’ve swiped three times that the identity of the artist will be disclosed.

This way, MuzicSwipe bridges the gap between music artists and listeners. It creates an ‘all-inclusive’ environment where the only thing that matters is ‘music’ and where it doesn’t matter who’s creating the music. The artist is secondary, but art is primary!

MuzicSwipe Empowering Rising Artists

Rising artists often face the hardest time because of numerous reasons. From lack of resources to immense competition, rising artists have to overcome a lot of hurdles to get themselves known to the world. MuzicSwipe has been designed keeping in mind the challenges rising artists experience, and its primary objective is to empower them.

The Founder and CEO of MuzicSwipe, Jackie Dalius, said in an interview, “Our mission is to elevate and create new values around the Artist-Fan proposition. I’ve supported rising artists my entire life, and I am driven to empower artists and offer real solutions, which will connect and improve the quality of this special and, in many cases, life-long relationship.”

Let’s Start Swiping to Get Our Perfect Music Match!

MuzicSwipe gives swiping an all-new meaning. We had only known swiping for finding the perfect ‘romantic’ matches, but with MuzicSwipe, let’s start swiping till we find the perfect music match!

MuzicSwipe is a highly interactive music app where you don’t just listen to music but engage with it. You give your real-time feedback about whether you like a certain piece of music. The app uses your swipe data to suggest music that you’re highly likely to like and helps you connect with artists who really match your taste, all the while ensuring that your biasness doesn’t cloud your judgment.

MuzicSwipe is revolutionizing music promotion, and it’s doing it just right! If you haven’t started swiping yet, it’s high time you do. All all-new music experience awaits you – whether you’re a music lover or an artist!

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