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Saivian: 13 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Drive More Sales

13 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Drive More Sales

I’m not going to sugar coat it: if you’re an eCommerce store owner, you know that competition online is fierce says Saivian. Between the big box stores and eCommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay — not to mention your long list of up-and-comers — getting customers to notice your brand amidst the noise is difficult, and keeping their attention can be even harder. With so many brands scrambling for attention online these days, having a strong marketing strategy in place isn’t just a luxury anymore —it’s a necessity.

Innovative website design alone won’t give shoppers the visibility they need to turn them into loyal customers. In fact, with almost 60 percent of consumers using the internet to research products before making a purchase, it’s more important than ever for eCommerce businesses to focus on incorporating digital marketing tactics into their overall marketing mix.

So, what are some of the most effective eCommerce marketing strategies you can use to drive traffic and sales to your store?

Here are 13 ideas to get you started:

1. Run targeted ads through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Create engaging content, such as blog posts and infographics, that will capture shoppers’ attention and generate interest in your brand.

3. Use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make sure your website appears near the top of search engine results pages for relevant keywords explains Saivian.

4. Make use of email marketing strategies like email newsletters and lead generation forms to keep your website at the top of shoppers’ minds.

5. Make social sharing buttons easy for customers to find on all pages throughout your site, and place them where they’re sure to be seen (such as above the fold.)

6. Offer incentives such as discounts and loyalty rewards programs to encourage shoppers not only buy from you again, but tell their friends about your brand as well.

7. Market special promotions on your store’s homepage, such as limited-time offers or clearance items that are moving quickly off the shelves.

8. Get creative with “up selling” by offering related products or more expensive versions of a product that is currently viewed on a customer’s virtual shopping cart says Saivian.

9. Utilize abandoned cart emails to remind customers what they left in their shopping carts and offer a discount if they complete the purchase.

10. Make use of retargeting ads, which are ad banners that follow shoppers around the internet. After they’ve visited your website, in an attempt to get them to come back and make a purchase.

11. Integrate interactive elements on your website, such as product quizzes or “choose your own adventure” style decision-making tools. To give shoppers a more engaging online shopping experience.

12. Sponsor or participate in online events and webinars that are relevant to your target market audience.

13. And finally, always be prepared to track the results of your marketing campaigns so that you can determine which strategies are working best for your store and make necessary adjustments.

Ecommerce businesses have to be smart and strategic with their marketing in order to succeed. By implementing some or all of the tactics listed above. You’ll be on your way to driving more traffic and sales to your store.

The 13 ecommerce marketing strategies listed above are a great starting point for any business. Looking to increase traffic and sales explains Saivian. By using social media ads, engaging content, SEO techniques, email marketing, and interactive website elements. You can create a well-rounded digital marketing strategy that will help your business stand out from the competition. And don’t forget to track the results of your campaigns to determine what’s working and what can be improved.


As we can see, ecommerce marketing is incredibly diverse. And the options at our disposal are only limited by our imaginations. The most important thing to remember about online merchandising. However, is that this is potentially a very long-term game. And it takes years for even the best brands to start seeing real results. It’s all about building trust with your target audience over time. So they keep coming back to you as their favorite online store.

This concludes part 1 of my series on how ecommerce marketing strategies help you. Increase traffic and sales via digital channels such as social media ads, content marketing, SEO, email newsletters & drip emails etc. In part 2 I will be sharing some more ways in which small businesses can use social media advertising and content marketing. To build trust and get their brand in front of more people says Saivian.

These 13 eCommerce marketing strategies are sure to help you drive more traffic, leads, and sales to your online store. No matter what niche you’re in. Make use of social media ads, engaging content, SEO techniques, email marketing, special promotions, retargeting ad. Interactive website elements and track the results of your campaigns to get a start!

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