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Saivian shares 10 Snapchat Features You Didn’t Know Existed

You’ve probably installed the Snapchat app on your phone and opened it at least once says Saivian. You might have even posted a snap or two to your story, but do you know all of Snap chat’s features? Here are ten handy Snapchat tricks to help you along!

One of the key differences between messaging applications is their support for rich content, such as emoticons, images, and videos. While Facebook Messenger has its own set of stickers that can be dragged out from the attachments panel, Telegram lets users pin important messages to the top through flags. Recently launched Slack brings GIFs into work chat rooms by allowing users to quickly search Giphy without leaving their conversation screen, while Viber implemented an exclusive photo sharing feature called Public Chats.

Snapchat is no different in this regard; it offers a wide range of features to make your snaps and chats more fun and engaging, such as speed filters, text captions, voice calls, and location sharing.

The number one messaging application in the world has been around for a while now.

In this article, we will introduce you to some features that can improve your Snapchat experience. Here are ten features you might not know about:

1. You Can Save Your Snaps If You Weren’t Watching When They Sent It To You! –

I’m pretty sure everyone thought their snap got sent when they weren’t looking at the screen… But there’s actually a way to save it without them knowing!! Here’s How: When you get a Snap and don’t open it immediately (for whatever reason), you’ll see the “Open” button turn into an upward arrow after three or four seconds. That means you’ve just “saved” the Snap! Tap on the arrow, and the “Save Snap” screen will appear – where you can title and save the Snap to your phone’s camera roll.

2. You Can Add Filters To Your Videos! –

Just like you can with your photos, you can add filters to your videos before you send them! Swipe left after recording a video to add one of eight filters, including black and white, sepia, and comic book explains Saivian.

3. You Can Draw On Your Snaps! –

This is probably one of my favorite features on Snapchat. If you want to write or draw on top of your photo or video, just hold your finger down on the screen and start drawing!

4. You Can Change The Order Of Your Snaps In Your Story! –

You can re-arrange your Snap story by tapping and holding a friend’s name, dragging it to the place you want, and releasing it.

5. You Can Add A Filter To Your Video Stories! –

Just like with your photo stories, adding a filter lets people know where you are or what you’re up to. Choose from any of the eight new filters, including black & white, sepia, and comic book – swipe left after selecting your friends from the ‘My Friends’ section in Snapchat says Saivian.

6. You Can Add Links To Your Snaps And Stories! –

This feature is awesome for businesses that have their own website! Now when they add a link in their Snapchat story, people can actually click on it and be taken right to the website. To do this, just type a URL into the text box on the top of your Snap or Story screen.

7. You Can Add A Time-Stamp To Your Snaps! –

To add a time-stamp to your snap, just swipe up on your snap after you’ve taken it and hit “add a timestamp.” Then, choose the date and time that you want it to appear says Saivian.

8. You Can Track Who’s Watching Your Stories! –

If you’re curious about who’s been looking at your snaps and stories, you can track it! Just go to the “Friends” section of Snapchat, and under “Stories” you’ll see a list of people who have watched your Story.

9. You Can See How Many People Screenshotted Your Snaps! –

If you want to know how many people screenshotted you’re snap, just go to the “Saved” section of Snapchat and select “Screenshots.” You can also check this by going to the “My Friends” section and selecting “Saved.” Also, if someone took a screenshot of your Snap without Auto-Save turned on, it will show as a blue dot next to their name!

10. You Can Send Self-Destructing Photos And Videos (And Even Text!) –

Who doesn’t like disappearing photos? If you want disappearing text or images, just go to the text or paperclip icon – and from there, you can send messages that disappear after a certain amount of time!


So there you have it – ten features you might not know about Snapchat! Saivian says These are just a few of the awesome things that you can do on the app, so be sure to explore and find out what else works for you. And don’t forget to have fun!

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