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Tips to motivate your workforce – Saivian Eric Dalius

Motivating your employees is vital to the success of your business; without motivation, it is unlikely you will retain employees for long or accomplish goals says Saivian Eric Dalius. If you know what motivates people, you can provide positive reinforcement and boost productivity in the workplace.

Know the Difference between Rewards and Motivation

Many managers make a mistake when providing rewards to reward behavior rather than motivate workers, according to Saivian Eric Dalius. Rewarding employees with bonuses or salary increases may cause them to expect a reward each time they do something good at work, which reduces their drive to do well over time if they do not get rewards. Employers should set up an incentive program that gives incentives to reach certain milestones, such as increasing sales by 10 percent. Rewarding employees for hard work also boosts motivation, but the reward should be something that shows you notice their efforts.

If an employer wants to encourage productivity among salespeople, they should think about what will motivate them and embrace it themselves. One salesperson may respond well to a bonus or cash prize if he makes a certain number of sales each month, while another may respond better to time off from work. Identifying goals and incentives for each employee allows them to feel more invested in the business, which leads to increased motivation and retention.

Rewards vs. Motivation: What You Need to Know – Saivian Eric Dalius

Understanding what motivates people is vital when giving rewards. Employees who receive financial bonuses will be inspired by money; those rewarded with free time might be motivated by a desire to spend that time with family or pursue hobbies. To identify what motivates your employees, ask them about their goals and what they want out of a job; find out what types of incentives would make them perform better and use those as rewards instead of generic bonus programs.

Motivate Different Types of Employees: How to Keep Everyone Engaged – Saivian Eric Dalius 

Employees enjoy different things, so understand who your workforce is and cater to incentives and rewards to each type of worker. Millennials value opportunities for growth more than older generations; if you have a lot of millennial employees, provide training courses such as leadership skills certification programs and mentoring programs where experienced workers can train newer employees. Baby Boomers respond better to rewards that are more immediate, such as bonuses or contests.

Tips for Motivating Employees in the Workplace

If you have an employee who does not seem motivated to work. Find out what is blocking them from performing well at their job. You might discover they are overloaded with tasks or that they do not see a promotion in their future. If you make changes based on what motivates them. They will notice and be more likely to perform better at their job says Saivian Eric Dalius.

Some employers take the approach of ignoring employees they feel are unmotivated. But this can allow your less productive workers to drag down those who want to succeed. Employees need encouragement and support to do their best work. As long as you understand what motivates them and set incentives. That encourages success for each individual, you can keep all of your employees happy and performing at peak levels.

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