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Top three hiccups businesses face and how Eric Dalius is helping them out

Establishing a business is not always an easy task. Just as there is a lot of helping success and money in it, you can expect many hassles. However, if you have the drive and potential to succeed with excellent business instincts, every obstacle can be overcome easily. Let us find the three main challenges you might have to face if you are planning to start a business venture on your own or with the help of a friend or peer.

Challenges to negotiate to start a business

Check out these points below-

  1. Finance

One of the biggest business challenges in arranging finances. You have few options like raising capital, using your savings, applying for a loan, or approaching your family and peers for a business loan. One advantage of using a business loan from your peers other than a financial institution is that you may not have to pay a high rate of interest, as in the case of a business loan that you take out from a lending institution.

How will you overcome the problem?

Try and negotiate with lenders and ask for better terms on the loan interest rate. Go through the terms and conditions that govern the loan properly before you sign on the dotted lines. Most importantly, you have to make a note of your cash flow, income, and probable expenses that you might have to incur for your business.

Many students that have pursued their studies in entrepreneurship and marketing prefer to start their own business. There is an advantage of the same. These future business entrepreneurs are not only able to understand the business concept better.

Role of Eric J Dalius Foundation for budding entrepreneurs

As mentioned in the above paragraph, EJDalius extends financial aid to budding entrepreneurs that want to make it big in the business world by pursuing studies and curriculum in a similar niche. 

  • Marketing

Even if you have adequate finance and your products are ready, you must carry out your marketing campaigns well. This will enable you to let your prospective clients know more about your products and services.

How will you better your marketing prospects?

You must work out a marketing plan. Identify your target audience. Most importantly, work out a strategy for marketing on all the social media platforms depending on the type of business you are venturing into.

Marketing also means you have to be careful about your brand reputation and work towards better visibility.

  • Recruiting employees

Running a business is not enough; you have to work as a team if you want to flourish. And this is possible if you have well-versed experts and professionals that can run the show. So, you have to hire the best employees from the industry. And that is not just enough; you have to retain them and offer all the incentives that employees are supposed to get.

You must hire a good HR manager to take care of the daily operations and employee roles.

Running a business is no child’s play. But if you are equipped well, there is no looking back.

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