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Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius is the Executive Chairman at MuzicSwipe, a trendsetting music and content discovery platform destined to leave a significant mark on the music industry.

Eric Dalius is Executive Chairman of MuzicSwipe, a Miami based startup led by his daughter Jackie Dalius.

To be a triple threat entrepreneur,  capable of creating, managing, and leading is a rare gift.  Eric Dalius is one of the few in possession of these three skills.  A review of the many successful enterprises he has been a part of during has long career is proof. 

Today, Mr. Dalius serves as Executive Chairman of MuzicSwipe, a Miami based startup led by his daughter Jackie Dalius.  The MuzicSwipe platform seeks to disrupt the Music Discovery process, and Mr. Dalius is on hand to share wisdoms gathered over the past three decades.  He carries with him high expectations for this startpup, as he has been an active observer of the business of music for many years.  And what he has known for some time is that sourcing and nurturing tomorrows musical talent is a process in serious need of an upgrade.  In MuzicSwipe, Mr. Dalius sees many similarities to many of the successful startups he has been involved with through the years. 

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

2022 Eric Dalius MuzicSwipe Giving Winners

Student Name: Kyle Michels

University: University of Washington

Student Name: Kaden Anderson

University: University of Washington

2023 Eric Dalius MuzicSwipe Giving Winners

Name: Jace Beard

"I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Eric Dalius Giving Scholarship. "

Texas Tech University

Winning the Eric Dalius Giving Scholarship is a dream come true for me. As a Texas native, Texas Tech University held a special place in my heart, and this scholarship has been a bridge to my dreams. It eases my financial burden, allowing me to focus on my education and future goals. I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity it has provided me. Thank you for the Eric Dalius Giving Scholarship.
Jace Beard
Jace Beard
Student at Texas Tech University

Eric Dalius Giving Scholarship Announces Jace Beard as the 2023 Awardee

behind the Eric Dalius Giving Scholarship, is thrilled to announce Jace Beard as the recipient of the 2023 scholarship award. Jace, an exemplary student and budding entrepreneur at Texas Tech University, will receive a grant of $1000, which will be directly sent to his University financial aid account.

The Eric Dalius Giving Scholarship, a prestigious initiative under the Eric Dalius Foundation, was established with the aim of supporting and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. After a rigorous selection process, Jace Beard stood out for his academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to making a positive impact in the business world.
Jace’s resume speaks volumes about his dedication and potential. As a business management student at Texas Tech University, set to graduate in May 2024, Jace has showcased his entrepreneurial flair and expertise in sales. His roles, including a Relationship Manager at Spectrum Financial Group, have equipped him with invaluable skills in managing marketing campaigns, customer relations, and market analysis.

Eric Dalius Giving supports talented & motivated students anxious to complete their undergraduate studies & anxious to “kick-start” their careers. 

Eric Dalius is a prolific writer - few articles below.

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When Eric Dalius established his foundation in 2018, the primary goal was to present tuition reduction awards to students attending United States based colleges and universities

Today, the process of giving is managed through the four scholarships named below:  

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